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About Dating, Relationship & Sex Coach Bob Johnson

As a former Playboy Executive, publisher, and private investigator I thought I knew all there was to know about women and masculinity. But I was wrong.


I was sure I knew how to handle relationships after decades of being surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world — some of whom I dated without any need of pick up techniques or advice. I’m not particularity rich or handsome but I did OK. But then things went sideways and I’d realized my experience had some holes and times have definitely changed!


You may feel this way too. Or, have trouble in today’s dating arena what with radical feminism, the #metoo movement, girl power and social media that gives women a 10-1 advantage over men. So searching for satisfying relationships becomes a chore instead of a joy that often leads you down a depressing rabbit hole of insecurity.


This is where I can help. … not more pick up artist (PUA) or “game” bull, this is straight talk from me, a guy who has made the same mistakes as you but has learned some hard lessons about myself — and women — who by their very nature are different from us … VERY different. And as much as we try we’ll never fully understand why they do what they do. We can only ground our own masculinity and love ourselves.

I use the world as my laboratory to bring men back to their innate empowerment and honor — Men-Again™! Men today are facing change — big time — in every sphere they encounter. 21st century men still need to be strong and lead, but also need to embrace their feminine traits that include vulnerability, patience and empathy. No small task. We need to be Men-Again™ … men for the 21st century that embrace the good guy and the bad boy.


I offer empowerment and relationship solutions to clients around the world. I have studied and worked with some of the masters of the men’s movement (including Neil Strauss author of “The Game” group) and bring decades of personal experience to my practice witnessing clients making remarkable transformations in every aspect of their lives.

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In addition to Playboy, I’m also a Certified “No More Mr. Nice Guy” Coach/Therapist and Clinical Sexologist/Coach with a Doctor in Human Sexuality. I can teach you the fundamentals of becoming that charming gentleman women love. You will discover how to lose your “nice guy” personality, ground your core masculinity, face and overcome fears, learn simple ways of approaching and seducing beautiful women, and exhibit the top qualities that attract all women. You don’t have to be handsome or rich … you simply need to build and exhibit your core confidence … a quality you already have that’s begging to be unleashed!

Bottom line is that I wish I’d had this kind of knowledge when I was a young man! The ball’s in your court. Let’s be Men-Again!

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