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Dating, Relationship & Sex Coach for men

The 21st century requires that men evolve while still embracing the best parts of masculinity. “Nice Guy” tendencies, toxic shame, attachment to outcome, fear of rejection, sexual roadblocks; these are some of the things that keep men from having the life they want. The good news is that your mind has all of the power that you need. With the proper Men-Again™ training you can immediately integrate the lessons that follow.

  • Grounding Your Masculine Appeal – how important are good looks?
  • Become “Aware of Your Consciousness” – a tool that allows everyone to feel your masculinity.
  • Get Out of the “Dead Bedroom” Mess With Your Partner.
  • Master Primal Seduction – feeling attraction, not analyzing.
  • Discover Why “Nice Guys” Lose to Jerks
  • Identify Your Self Limiting Beliefs (SLB) and Master Your Confidence
  • Understand Polarity and Positive Emotional Tension – the keys to successful seduction.
  • Eliminate Needy Outcome Dependent Behavior
  • Learn Successful Dating in the Digital Age
  • A Man’s Job: Provide, Protect, Procreate – how things have changed.
  • The Qualities All Women Find Most Attractive in Men
  • Becoming Irresistible – the blend of confidence & caring.
  • Guaranteed Approaches
  • Eliminate the “Friend Zone” Phenomena
  • Why Women Want & Need Your Attention (yes hot, gorgeous women too!)
  • Bedroom & Seduction Training From a Certified Clinical Sexologist
  • Overcome Sexual Problems … ED, premature ejaculation, etc.

And much more…

Rid Yourself of Toxic Shame