What men are saying

           "Until you make the unconscious, conscious,

                          it will rule your life and you will call it Fate." 

                                               Carl Jung 

Coach Robert helped dramatically alter my mindset for the better in a matter of a few weeks. Of the different coaching services, therapists, counselors and programs I've undertaken, Robert's service uniquely fit my needs like no other. Not many people are able to completely understand where I'm coming from within a short period of time. Robert was able to orchestrate solutions to my issues brilliantly. I was given tangible action steps to help me break out of my old paradigms. At a time where the self help industry may seem over-saturated and repetitive, I can't emphasize enough how much his service was worth my investment. 

Ty - Long Island, NY

After breaking up with my only girlfriend, I lost confidence in myself; I put so much effort into the relationship and it still didn’t work out. What had I done wrong? I had an easy enough time meeting women, but could I maintain their attraction? Or, were all my relationships doomed to fail? I went looking for answers and found Coach Robert’s website.

Coach offered no tricks or gimmicks. Rather, over the course of four sessions (so far), Coach directed my focus inward. He helped me understand the personal, cultural, and evolutionary factors that shaped my thought patterns so that, eventually, I could master those thoughts and become a more grounded man.

Coach also explained the principles of attraction - e.g. tension, polarity, outcome detachment, etc. -- and the myriad ways in which women think differently from men.

With all this knowledge, I feel empowered. Now, I see my self limiting beliefs. I see why my relationship fell apart -- but that’s in the past ;) I see the challenges ahead, but now they excite me. It's time to put this knowledge into practice.

Sam - Boston, MA

I've always been shy, especially around women and actually petrified when it came to talking  to girls.  After a few sessions I'm making great progress and dating. I feel like a new man!  Thanks Coach Robert!

Abe - New York City

I was skeptical about  whether this type of help worked at all but knew I needed some guidance. Coach Robert is different than most other coaches because he brings a combination of knowledge from the best programs out there and delivers solid advice without all of the hype.

Ben - Florida

Since working with Coach people are noticing changes in me like never before. I've gotten out of my head and grounded my masculinity.

James - Los Angeles

It wasn't easy but once I applied some simple lessons and changed my bad "nice guy" habits things have definitely changed for the better. My wife is happy too!

Yusif - Paramus, NJ